I really missed this

https://i.gyazo.com/680827d5fad5b1943a0350778e3ec032.png https://i.gyazo.com/7ac467ad08cf62240c827bbdbf890336.png I missed playing against a braindead support shielding an adc 24/7 and cockblocking everything while getting boosted by the entire team I just don't understand Riot anymore, why are you bringing back a CANCEROUS playstyle It's like they put a bandaid on your wound, just to stab it back with a knife. "but but, she has to hit spells now!!" I don't know if you realized, but with **A SINGLE SPELL** the cooldown is lower than what it was before. Janna just has to use E, and Q on a random target to refound 20% of the cd, and that without counting R which can be used without targetting anyone. Nobody is playing agro anymore, if you use W before E you're screwing yourself because you're wasting a spell that can reduce E cd.

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