Non-Stat Oriented Marksman Item

Marksman use stats incredibly efficiently, kits usually consist of some combination of 1. A steroid, often AS or an On-Hit, occasionally AD 2. A kiting tool, mild slow, or the like 3. Most importantly, range So, anything which adjusts the timings at which ADs can reliably get their stats online, especially the consistency of this rate beyond the first item, (as its exponential scaling) is puts the class at risk. Historically, Meta marksmen fall into 4 major categories of timings. 1. Item timings were consistent, and quick. ADs formed the reliable bedrock of every team comp at almost every level of play and for a majority of the time teams were on the rift. 2. Item timings were inconsistent, but if achieved, incredibly powerful. It was to get off the ground, but once you were there, you were unstoppable and the entire game revolved around the marksman snowball. Enter in: botlane 5 minute 5 man fiesta meta. 3. Item timings were consistent, but slow. Marksmen got their items, but it was always slow, and suddenly they would go from 0/4 and useless to ending the game in a single baron fight after 1 back. Unfun for both Marksman players, and the other people where they suddenly won or loss because the ADC time bomb didn't coinflip their way. 4. Item timings were inconsistent and didn't matter even after you got the items. Marksman was a dead role, and you may as well just run singed darius in Masters So, my proposed solution is an item which allows Marksman an opportunity to increase their relevance at one and two items, at a reasonable cost to their ultimate scaling threshhold, without producing a dead item that relies on them getting GIGAFed to remain relevant. Essentially, something which is useful, not just raw stats, and isn't just a go hard or go home gamble. __Intoducing:__ Lightning Cloak Builds from {{item:3044}} and {{item:1043}}, combine cost, 800 Gold - 30% Attack speed - 200 Health - 30 AD Unique Passive: Rage - Grants a stack of _Battle Trance_ on hit, stacking up to 10 times. __Battle Trance:__ _Grants 8 flat movement speed, as well as allows attacks to complete as if they were at 10% greater Bonus Attack Speed_ I can't quite think of a better wording, but what it essentially means, is that the champion will cycle their attack animation as if they had a higher attack speed, entering the "Recovery" state much faster, without effecting their actual attack speed. Giving ADs a more consistent opportunity to kite, and maximize their output through good mechanics in early skirmishes, without explicitly increasing their power curve in a way that is unfair/unsuitable. TL;DR - An item which allows mechanically talented ADs to contribute more to early skirmishes, and to push limits against more mobile champions in the mid game, without increasing the power of the "brainless" part of their kit.
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