Stupid idea: What if we just removed crit from the game..

And just better utilize attack speed as the ADC damage stat? Now personally I never liked critical chance as a stat in league. It basically turned all that sustained damage from marksmen into burst with made them equally capable at killing everyone. Burst is the intended weakness to squishy champions after all, so it seems odd that the class best suited for tank killing builds the most crit. It doesn't even help them take tower since you can't crit structures last I checked. So why not just make it so their attack speed is just ramped up harder? Obviously this causes some problems (or a lot). We've had heavy attack speed champions be a damn nightmare before (koggy before his revert) but I feel the main reason why that was so frustrating was the amount of times he'd end up critting during that bombardment. Idk, I don't play Koggy. Another issue is (potentially. I don't understand all mechanics) the loss of damage through kiting (I could be completely wrong). The biggest issue I'm seeing is how this effects melee champions that use or have to buy crit. Now I believe that having a guaranteed crit ability is actually fine (Talon, Jhin, yadda yadda) but kits like Tryndamere and Yasuo would have some severe problems. Tryndamere would only be able to get a max of 35% crit from his kit. He'd have to change how his build works in order to compensate (Though I think he needs a full VGU). Yasuo is a bit trickier because he has to build crit, his Q cooldown can only go so low with attack speed. I'm not sure how to change Yasuo so that he still builds like a melee ADC with the removal of crit. Perhaps someone else can give an idea. Thoughts? No crit means assassins might survive a bit longer to kill the carry rather than getting bursted down. Teamfights would probably last longer and require more protection for the carry. Burst becomes something belonging to spells instead of auto attacks, thus helping to separate the damage types among classes.
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