Just delete Yuumi, please.

She is so hated by LC$ that she gets nerfed every other patch despite being one of the lowest winrate champs in the game, and having damn near fucking zero impact unless one of her teammates is doing well. Now we're making her Q an actual troll ability, costing nearly 100 mana, but doing less damage than a Soraka Q, and now it doesn't even have the slow that made it worth leveling. Yuumi will be reduced to an AFK stat stick that occasionally heals you, and that is not what the champ was designed to be. So, since LC$ is the only thing that matters, and she's not conducive to fla$y big play$, just delete her. Please. Maybe I'd quit League then, since I have over 500 games on her and only enjoy playing anymore because of her. Or, alternatively, you could try giving a singular fuck about the 99.99% of the playerbase, Riot. But that's not how you make money, so nevermind. You're just hurting for that cash, seeing how you make billions per year.
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