Suggestion: Make patches come more occasionally rather than the expected two week outcome

I honestly think Riot has way more opportunities in making big and better changes with a lot of time on their hands. Though Riot has been known to not listen to the community I believe they can change If they just start doing longer patches and being recommended changes. League doesn't always have to change, we have both sides of the spectrum, radicals and reactionaries either one of them who complain about everything. Just ignore those people and listen to the moderate, ones who actually care about the game overall for its experience and not its state. Usually waiting two weeks for a patch is more of a disappointment to much of the player base rather than a relief to people who had been longing for a nerf for something in particular. Past patches could have been worse yet people still pressure and blame Riot. I've always heard the motto _"Take your time"_ but it seems that patches are more rushed than critically thought over for changes.
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