BUFF Kayle's early game! Its BORING!

She has no ability to win lane at all. Some may argue but if they win lane with her its either A their jungler camped the shit out of top lane or B they are facing a 1st time or iron 5 league player. I fully understand that a hyper carry is supposed to have a weak laneing phase. However Kayle does not need to be the old 20 min farming under turret brain dead boring as fuck Nasus. I'm not saying buff her to have a strong early game. But buff her to the exstent she actually can win lane. Vayne is a Hyper Carry and Vayne does have a chance at winning lane, Kayle doesn't. Being that she's a top laner she atleast deserves a chance at it. Besides She doesn't get a support like vayne. Nor bc of how her current BORING scaling works can she have one, unless she wants tobe a 40min nasus under turret. As it stands any toplane champion can beat Kayle and make her power spike 40mins. All they gotta do is lane freeze infront of their turret and kill her if she gets in xp or cs range. There is 0 counter play to this for her. Doesn't matter what champion you take top a fucking Bard could do it to her.
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