Dear Riot Scruffy I am asking that you don't put the new Sylas changes into live next week, not because they are all bad, but because it will basically kill the champion and ruin the experience for a lot of the Sylas mains and players out there. Simply put the changes to his kit will make his numbers look better on paper but make his game play feel slow and clunky, like we aren't even playing the same champion. We aren't asking for much, just that you reconsider these changes and hold off on them until further testing is done to be able to make some good changes while keeping his game play the same fluid fun one that a lot of players fell in love with. Sylas is one of the few champs in the game that makes it fun for us. Please don't take that away. Comment #ChampFeelMatters and your thoughts and suggestions in the chat if you agree and maybe they will listen to the community and tread more carefully in the future when making similar decisions with not just Sylas but other champions that need balancing. Thank you for reading!
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