Group Xp

**Hey fellow Summoners!**{{champion:64}} Everyone most have noticed that a good amount of players are being way less actve then before. Atleast my friendlist went from being a party in vegas to the Sahara desert. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} I think bringing back group xp would bring people more together and thus making the game more entertaining. I also think flex queue would become a little more appealing, which is a problem currently. Make it like before so that more players give more xp. **I would recommend:** 2 players = 25% xp bonus 3 players = 50% xp bonus 4 players = 75% xp bonus 5 players = 150% xp bonus There isn't a lot more to it. Just wanna let you know I think this **really** would help bringing some more appeal to the game I love <3. {{sticker:katarina-love}} **Please share your opinion in the pool below :D**
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