Dark Harvest Math?

Everyone is picking dark harvest but people are sheep. This means very little about its actual power. I wanna see some math before I cry OP! I have been spamming Ahri, and trying both dark harvest, and electrocute, and even comet a few games. Comet procs from anything, so maximum procs per lane is the idea. (most procs - least damage) Electrocute procs are a little harder to get, but you can still do it at any health. (less procs - medium damage) Dark Harvest has the most potential late game, but with a few health potions, you might not proc it AT ALL in lane. (least procs - most damage) This seems like the idea Riot has. So, I wanna see comparisons. In similar games, on the same champ, with roughly the same total damage to champs. Say Ahri mid 20k damage dealt too champs. Game A: Electrocute = 3.5k total damage Game B: Dark Harvest = 10,000,000 DAMAGE ZOMG! (I doubt it) I honestly think, when the numbers are out, people will realize the ONLY time Dark Harvest becomes the best, is in 45 minute games, where you got fed as hell. 90% of games, I bet Electrocute simply puts in more work throughout the game. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}

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