Why does Riot not like tank Pyke?

Patch 8.22 just landed, and I was a bit confused by the changes made to Pyke. I understand earlier in the season, when Riot nerfed tank Pyke because it was oppressive, but these changes are... different. Particularly, I'm confused as to the lethality scaling on him, since it completely changes how he has to build. Previously, Pyke could build tanky items like {{item:3109}} and {{item:3065}} if he wanted to provide utility for his team and sacrifice his damage. Or he could build {{item:3147}} and {{item:3071}} to instantly explode as soon as he stepped within 50 feet of a teamfight. Now, his E stun duration and W movement speed scale on lethality and NOT on rank like they did before. This essentially guts a huge amount of the built-in utility that Pyke had before, so NOW if you want to be useful, the best way is to take those lethality items (and still take aftershock so you can survive at least a little bit). Sure, you CAN take those tank items if you want, but your map rotation will take much longer and you won't be as useful in teamfights. It would be a fair trade, if it weren't for the fact that lethality Pyke is now INSANELY good. Build {{item:3147}} and {{item:3142}} and you can dash across the map almost as fast as a teleport. On top of that, you can deal insane damage, have your stun last nearly 2 seconds, and execute enemies at a much higher threshold. I'm a filthy Pyke main, and it probably sounds odd for me to be complaining about my favorite champion being OP, but my real problem is that the build path is so _boring_ now. I don't have to think about whether to focus armor or magic resist; I don't need to think about which items I should build to get my team the most utility possible (you know, like a support). Instead, now I just pick up {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} , {{item:3071}} if I'm feeling really spicy, and finish it off with {{item:3814}}. No real thought at all.
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