Don't like the amount of damage there is in the game

I play Nasus. Yeah he's really busted or useless since the buff, it feels either you're hardcarrying or losing. My damage is absolutely insane if I go melee range. It doesn't even make sense. And at the same time I feel as tanky as a low life lvl 1 Teemo with no items in teamfight (I build full tank with trinity) Just feels bad honestly. I don't wanna deal that much damage, just to get melted as hard. I hate this stupidly high burst damage and stupidly high %health/true damage/%pen melting. The buffs I got, I'm not even happy about them. Whenever I watch old videos from Season 2/3 it's crazy. Like people survive so much longer, it's absolutely insane. There were still oneshots; but like they were gated by actual cooldowns, tied to DFG cd for instance. Assassins/ Mages (except let's say Fizz or LB) didn't have insane mobility. And holy shit the gold income. Yes, you can shut down for high gold as well and come back, but it's stupid you get full builds so damn fast. Platings, bounties, the amount of gold you get is just way too much. That contributes to make games too fast. Granted, people have gotten much better at pushing advantages, ending games, since the first seasons, but even then, I didn't sign in for 20-25 minutes games. Felt like before, lanebullies were actually bad lategame, but they also had a better scaling with exp than items and since gold flow was so much lower they reigned and felt good a decent part of the game, but when they fell off, they actually fell off really hard. Adc's did feel bad for a good part of the game (at least in my eyes) but goddamn a lategame ADC with guardian angel granting double resists at a time where resistances were actually damn good, was really strong. And lategame was reachable. I don't even know what I want to do with the post, just give a general feeling of feelsbadman every time I play. And hope Riot makes so that one day we'll again have a feeling of games being more enjoyable TLDR 1) damage is too high, both in burst and tankmelting 2) gold flow is way too high 3) games end too fast 4) feels like we're stuck in that and we'd need so much changes to have a balanced state with less damage and longer games overall. And feels that Riot barely made any changes to preseason in that way.
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