Every single hook champion in the game is overpowered.

We all hear the constant complaints about Morgana being overpowered. Here's an unpopular opinion: how about every single hook champion is overpowered and only Morgana has reasonable counter play. A hook from Thresh, Pyke, Nautilus, and Blitzcrank is essentially death and literally the only counter play to it is to either 1.) dodge it all the time or 2.) flash. Yet we've been told by the community repeatedly that expecting people to dodge is not reasonable counter play. See Zoe. How is it different with hook champions? Do you think its a coincidence that the some of the best ADC players in the world like Tyler1 strong prefer aggressive hook champion supports? He knows how good they are. I played a normal game yesterday against a bunch of silvers. I'm a mid/high plat Morgana one trick. I've played thousands upon thousands of Morgana games. I was randomly matched with a gold adc main. In lane the enemy Nautilus was able to completely zone us and kill my adc. Nautilus hook has a 14 second CD. Black shield has a 23 second, and soon to be 26 second, cooldown. My Caitlyn was unable to dodge a single hook in lane and died 7 times. So you're telling me that Morgana completely hard counters CC champions and I'm a high plat/low diamond Morgana one trick pony and my adc goes 0/7 in lane to a silver Nautilus? What an insane hard counter! Imagine if I was Janna or playing against an evenly skilled support. I guess my adc would have gone 0/14. The truth is that the hook class of support champions are simply too powerful right now. Yes, Black Shield will stop plays from being made, but most CC abilities have around half of the cooldown of black shield. So consistently engaging against Morgana and her adc will almost always work. Dark binding isn't even enough because it doesn't stop damage from being dealt by the enemy adc. And keep in mind I'm talking about Morgana. She is the BEST champion in the game against this class of support. There is literally no counter play at all to hook champions besides dodging except for Morgana. And you're nerfing Morgana. What's worse is that players who play these types of champions honestly believe Morgana is the unfun champion to play against. Because everyone sure loves fighting Pyke, Blitz, Thresh, and Nautilus where one misstep means death. If Morgana is going to be nerfed and banned consistently then other supports need to be buffed/nerfed. Janna and Lulu need some major buffs. Hook champions need some damage and cc nerfs. People queue to play League of Legends. The keyword here is play. Being CCed and unable to act for 10 years because Pyke has 14 stuns is not enjoyable for anyone except for the Pyke. It's time for a reality check: the real cancer in this game are the hook champions. They have all the power of dive champions but none of the risk. Blitz isn't going to suddenly die if he misses a hook. Neither are Thresh or Pyke. Compare that to any of the enchanters in the game who miss an ability. They're dead. Hooks need severe nerfs.
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