Waveclear work for 8.6 or later

Hello! It's been noticed that there are some changes to minions on the PBE, and those haven't been socialized at all, so here's a place to discuss those things. **Basic Idea** The changes are primarily aimed at making it more difficult to easily clear minion waves. I think that some version of that is good primarily because it means you'll have to spend more time in your lane actively managing the wave, resulting in increased time for you and your opponent to interact with each other. The more opportunities you have to interact with your opponent, the more you can demonstrate your own skill over them, and League could use a more opportunities to demonstrate skill over your opponent that don't necessarily manifest as "push and roam" strategies or other map-influencing strategies. This aims to improve the ability for players to beat their opponent in lane. There will certainly be balance outliers created on the top end as a result of this work, and they will need to be addressed if we move forward. There are additional changes to minion gold value that concentrate it into cannons without meaningfully altering the amount of gold gained from minions (especially pre 20 minutes). This is another tactic to create regular conflict between lane opponents. _Straight up, I do NOT expect these changes to be immediately popular._ Still, I could see doing them if I thought they increased the quality of the game over the long term especially. Both those things said, I'm not necessarily convinced this is the perfect list to get the best results. It's on the PBE regardless so that there can be conversation around it before things are finalized. **Here are the changes:** _"Upgrades"_ occur every 3 waves, so using the melee minion example below, they go from gaining 18 Health (plus 0.3 per upgrade) every 3 waves to ganing 21 Health every 3 waves. * **Melee Minions** * Base HP :: 473 >>> 480 * HP Growth :: 18 +0.3/upgrade >>> 21 * Gold Value :: 20 >>> 21 * Gold Value Growth :: 0.125 >>> 0 * **Caster Minions** * Base HP :: 296 >>> 320 * HP Growth :: 6 >>> 14 * Gold Value :: 17 >>> 14 * Gold Value Growth :: 0.125 >>> 0 * **Cannon Minions** * Base HP :: 828 >>> 900 * HP Growth :: 23 +0.3/upgrade >>> 50 * Gold Value :: 45 >>> 60 * Gold Value Growth :: 0.35 >>> 3 Thanks in advance for any input.
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