Has anyone pause and say "We had a ranked team design squad?"

Ranked 2019: Position Ranks | /dev diary - League of Legends
Riot Sapmagic and Riot Gortok detail the plan for position ranks in 2019, then answer commonly asked questions from players. For more on how position ranks will look in action, check our blog post: https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2019/01/dev-diary-position-ranks-explained/
Like no joke seriously we had a Riot team that worked primarily on ranked this whole time because what the hell where they doing the last 4 years were they on vacation? For a company who earns over 1 billion they hire people who rarely gets anything done at all until 3 years later. Please give me a list of what they improved on in the past 4 years for ranked games because they clearly did a terrible job at it I&#039;m gold 2 and for some reason keep on getting silver enemy and silver team mates for no reason when I&#039;m over 30 games and with over 60% win rate. Why are silver who has terrible score on carry champions even playing with me because yes i have a lot of death over kill ratio champion but the champions I play are tanks not carry. I constantly get bad players on my team who flames me if I do bad one game they whine to me but guess what? THEY DUO EVERY RANK GAME to get where they are when I look at their history with champions I&#039;m like wtf ADC carry and death over kill ratio with bad assist only ones who should have death over kill ratio but a good assist are tank/support but the mid lane and adc should never have multi champion stats with death over kill ratio. How are these people in my game? If we really have a ranked design team this whole time then what a pure waste of money. -Bad match making -Stupid auto fill system -Rank climb is beyond dumb that it&#039;s a grind Stop defending Riot if you clearly see something wrong how can you hire a rank design team who did nothing in the last 4 years because I can&#039;t recall anything that is worth mentioning that this squad did other then 2 lane position pick? Edit:Forgot to say what improvement was improved with the new rank Iron tier and that's it like common people? Nothing has been improve for the game rank system nothing at all other then Riot saying "We added Iron tier that should separate the bad from the good"? <<This is no different from bronze like why waste time and make Iron?

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