This Kled change is not the buff we need or want

Please riot, address Kled’s issues instead of adding MORE healing debuffs into the game. Please stop giving weak champs cheesy mechanics like this that continue to make top lane and the game as a whole worse instead of addressing the issue head on. Kled is a lane bully with few to no good matchups whose scaling can be summed up as laughable at best. The problem lies in his inability to snowball and properly scale into a game. The focus should be on making his late game scaling better given that I don’t believe top lane needs any more cheesy early game champions. I’ve posted this before and i’ll continue to say it: Remove the -20% damage against champions when dismounted. Make Skaarl squishier, make Kled tankier. Make his w and q scale better later in the game. Make his ultimate 5500 range at all ranks again.
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