Just had a sad moment in my last game

So, we were stomping so hard, we were basically just messing around in the second half of the game. Don't get me wrong; we did win, easily. That's not the sad part. But someone on the other team was like "WHAT RANKS ARE YOU????" Someone said S2, another S3, and then I said, "I used to be G2, until going 8/2 in my new years placements sent me to S3." Then one of my teammates said the same thing happened to him. And then another. And then the enemy urgot that was 0/6/0 at the time said, "Wtf, I'm unranked, and this is my 7th game of my series." Man, there's so much diversity in the Silver ELO, it's like Silver doesn't even exist at all. Everyone is either Bronze or Gold, and everyone in every Silver match is doing everything they can to climb or fall to one of them. There is no exception. Silver is no one's home; it's purgatory. ELO Hell might not exist, but Silver is the ELO Casino, where you gamble 19 lp and 30 minutes of your life in the hopes you don't get the unranked feeder on his 7th game on your team.

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