Thank You Riot For ABSOLUTELY Nothing...

(Before this post begins, this is going to be a small rant and eye-opener sorta post, keep reading if you're interested) My desire to play this game anymore slowly decreases. A huge factor to that is it's because some of my friends still play this game (surprisingly). I mean I'll give Riot some bonus points for giving me the opportunity to meet some cool people and making all these cool champions (over 140+!). Over time though, Riot has been making questionable choices, so many in fact that it seems to be some sort of habit. _**Let me give you some insight on the past and the not so long ago.**_ -Many Client Issues/Bugs still persist as it seems like forever since the "new" client has gotten any treatment. -(Debate-able) Large Influencers/Streamers getting too much leeway when it comes to toxicity. -Questionable Balance Changes (again also debatable but honestly why did they even consider buffing yas & kindred) (Also yes I understand, the meta shifts and someone's bound to be strong, but I'm more concerned about the champions who seemingly have too many strengths than weakness with very little counterplay *cough* pyke *cough*) -The Achievement Eternals System (Are you really going to ignore community suggestions, come out with a half-ass achievement system, claim that you worked "so long" on the project and have us pay for it) -Reworks/Updates/Changes that the main community of _said_ champion have no say in and ends up in ruining a champion's identity. (`Main Point of This Post) Yea it's a lot huh? Unfortunately to bring this post to a clear point, I'm here to discuss on how Riot decides to handle rework/updates/changes. Let's see, some champions that would fit this category is... -Mordekaiser, Irelia, Aatrox, Akali, Malzahar, Galio, & Zac, (And soon to join the list... Aurelion Sol!) What do all of these champions have in common? Their kits was chosen to get changed heavily or getting a mini-reworked, with most of them getting ripped of their identity before they were changed/reworked. For these champions, many mains pleaded with concerns, suggestions, questions for the team working on these changes. Funny enough, 99.9% of the time, they don't take the community's feedback into consideration (especially the people who have dedicated SO much time into those champions) only to have it go through what I like to call, The Roller-Coaster. These champions get reworked/updated and they are usually OP status either on patch release or the next patch after. Their popularity rises and they start to become problematic because of how good they are able to do something (like waay too good). Then Riot finally brings out the Nerf Hammer after hearing everyone's cries about_ said _champion and they get nerfed... BUUT after they milk in a skin or two (or you can be lux/ahri and getting to stay strong for so long because they make good $$.) And then they get nerfed again and maintain a whopping consistent balance struggle. This could be common knowledge or not, but why do I make this post you may ask? For two reasons. -These kinds of decisions and actions Riot has been making has been doing on for a long time. -And they don't seem to stop when it comes to giving _said_ champion's main community a chance to communicate with the team in-charge of_ said _champ. In this case, it would be Aurelion Sol. **About Aurelion Sol's Soon to Come Changes...** On July 30, 2019, Riot AzuBK announced that he would be a part of the team that works on Aurelion Sol's current changes. If you don't know what they are, here's the link on another post I made about the changes and what I think about them down below. I do have many issues with the changes themselves, but I have MORE issues with the fact that these changes came out of nowhere, and the explanation behind these changes have not been explained. Worse yet, the community who have expressed their feelings, concerns, and questions have not received a single-ounce of feedback at all. It's such a disrespect to listen to the people who've played the champ 30-45 at most to where you don't listen to the community who's mained him since or near release, or for a very long time. Here's some of the feedback I gathered that are concerned or completely against the changes for Aurelion Sol. And all we got for some sort of 1-on-1 response was this As a person who've peeked a lot of interest for Aurelion Sol (Bought on Release Date) (Mastery & Dedication) since release and as of this day, I'm sad how much Riot disrespected my feedback and concern for the champion as well for others, and for those other champions listed above. Until said otherwise, this could all just be changes to make Aurelion Sol more "flashy" and popular so that Riot can make more money off of him. Basically changing him for the sake of popularity and not for the community. It's just a slap in the face, and it shows how much they care for their feedback. "These are good buffs though what??" "He's going to be a lot stronger now since his stars dont get cancelled by cc, I approve of these changes" "His roaming was unhealthy and his wave-clear as well." (But there is champs like Malzahar, Anivia, Talon, etc. who can do just that ) Just some of the comments about the Aurelion Sol changes, mostly from people who don't play him at all or much. It's also funny how they also only take in positive feedback and possibilities in making more $$. It's disgusting. Maybe it's not too late to fix something, anything, or the whole thing Riot. Please. TL;DR Riot has been making pish-poor choices and we're here today with Aurelion Sol soon to be joining in the mix of mishaps (changed, being op, nerfed to ground) all because Riot doesn't care about feedback from_ said_ champion's main community. Here are some clips you might enjoy of my main before they ruin him :).

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