Assassins, Please Consider Playing Support More Often

Calling all of my fellow assassin mains, the League community needs us to queue up for support more often, and here's why. Supports are very similar to assassins, except instead of doing the damage yourself, you set up the opportunity for your teammate to do the damage. Assassins are generally very proficient at having a plan before they strike rather than relying solely on brute force. If the situation isn't favorable, then we will not commit. However, when it is time, best believe we will take as much advantage as we can. Thus, it is my believe that assassin-oriented players with the power of CC will create more opportunities for the ADC to snowball in lane, and guide their team into favorable teamfights later on. In addition to that, assassins are constantly looking for enemies to single out and nuke. In order to do this without backfiring, you need that all important word...VISION. Assassins know the value of having vision of the enemy, and will use their wards for this purpose. This will benefit all lanes, including the assassin on their team while they're playing support. An assassin minded player with decent communication has arguably the highest potential to make for a great support from any other role in the shortest amount of time. I know {{champion:267}} ,{{champion:89}} and {{champion:40}} aren't as cool as playing {{champion:245}} , {{champion:238}} or {{champion:157}}, but you are missing out on a big opportunity to boost your W/L ratio and contribute to the league community by showing others how supporting is done. You will find that playing the role can be just as fun as playing assassin, and just as fulfilling as long as you take this mindset with you. I urge you to give it a try!
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