Old Evelynn needs to return as a new champion [with analysis]

**No, this is not a revert thread. New Evelynn can stay.** Evelynn's VGU was both gain and a loss. Some people received a simple straightforward mage/assassin. Others lost an exciting fighter/assassin with high mobility, resets and hybrid scalings. And the reasons to that really don't hold up if you look at the stats. Let us compare Evelynn's pick-, win- and ban rates pre and post VGU. https://i.imgur.com/gGYj4dO.png[/img] Some claim that Evelynn: - was rarely picked, **while her pickrate pre VGU was the same if not higher than now** - was imbalanced, too weak, too strong, feast or famine, impossible to balance, **but the stats show quite a healthy winrate fluctuation and her winrate has never spiked as high as it did after the VGU** - was unfair, unfun to play against, **but, again, the stats show much higher ban rate for the post-VGU Evelynn as opposed to old Evelynn**. - was too one-dimensional, easy to play, **while even Rioters themselves have acknowledged that she had quite a steep learning curve, which is impossible for a champion with no depth** https://i.imgur.com/xE6thzx.png[/img[ Source: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/bKd1UWQl-meddler-can-we-please-get-some-context-on-the-eve-nerfs?comment=0003 So why was she reworked in the first place? Well, you see she was scheduled for a **visual** update since forever (I wanna say since 2013?), but it took too long and by the time they got to her their policy on rework changed - they were doing visual AND gameplay reworks. So it was just an unlucky timing, really. If she got her updated visuals, say, in 2015, this rework would have never even happened. And the other reason: https://i.imgur.com/DaxlEmR.png[/img] In other words: "Because we say so". As sad as it is, there is nothing that could be done here except hope for a new champion that will be able to fill the void that was created with that VGU. I sincerely hope that in near future there will be a champion that possesses Evelynn's key characteristics: - Jungler who is played around stealth - Has hybrid scalings and not forced to max a single stat - Capable of interacting and outplaying the opponent in a fair fight through mobility - Stays relevant in prolonged fights - Can be played in lane as an offmeta pick and capable of clearing waves
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