Are we just going to ignore how hypocritical this coming season's changes are?

>Riot: Hidden power is bad for gameplay. Riot: Here's a new jungle with a ton of minibuffs that aren't really noticeable at all until they kill you. Smite debuffing a champion with -20% damage is a highly readable effect. >Riot: Snowballing is bad. Riot: Here's a new dragon that matters more to the game than getting Baron. Lost a couple dragons? Yeah, you lose. >Riot: Armor/Magic pen is in a really frustrating spot. We need to rework them as stats. Riot: .... >Riot: We don't enforce the meta. Riot: We balance around one class of champion being mandatory in every single game. Furthermore, we balance an additional class of champion for the sole purpose of protecting the aforementioned class. Also, let's make jungle damage so high that under 10% of our champions can jungle viably. >Riot: Counterplay is super important. Riot: Which is why we've chosen to fill our game with knockups, a category of CC that can't be removed or reduced by any means. Also, Kalista, because screw anyone without ranged CC or 24/7 gapclosing. Other team got a scuttler? Welp, can't prevent them having vision of objectives anymore unless {{champion:56}}
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