Wtf is this Renekton buff

Literally not a single person who plays the game thought Renekton had too difficult time winning lane vs champions like Shen Urgot and Sion. Was Renekton too weak against Poppy Ekko and Diana?? Wtf was the point of this change except to make an already hated champion even more hated? Why couldn't you just fucking nerf Riven instead like we've been asking for the past 2 years. Literally none of the playerbase would have ever thought of this change because it's just that stupid only the balance team could have come up with it. What kind of logic is it, instead of nerfing annoying crap like Karma top, Viktor top and Riven, you just buff one already oppressive champion. That's not balance, that's just making 1 champ overpowered, aka the opposite of balance. This game isn't TFT you don't nerf an overpowered champ by buffing a single counter champ. Remember when Jarvan was a top laner? Riven is still too much for him and now Renekton screws him up even harder. Nerfing Riven doesn't mean I should be able to beat her with Renekton even easier, it means I should be able to not auto lose playing anything that isn't Renekton. Wtf, I seriously can't believe how stupid this change is. I though the balance team couldn't hit a new low after Zoe, then they proved me wrong with new Mordekaiser, and they've already proved me wrong again with this change. I'm pretty sure someone who's never played the game could do a better job than them at this point.
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