Let's count how much AP we have lost since the beggining of season 5

{{item:3001}} from 70 AP to 60 AP. -10 {{item:3157}} from 120 AP to 70 AP. -50 {{item:3174}} from 60 AP to 40 AP. -20 {{item:3027}} from 80 AP to 60 AP. -20 {{item:3285}} replaced death fire grasp. from 120 AP to 100 AP. -20 AP. {{item:3116}} from 100 AP to 75 AP. -25 AP. This far, the total of removed AP is **145**. This is for mostly mage items. We could also count {{item:3078}} {{item:3060}} who had their AP part completely removed, (90 in total) and the total AP removed from the game would be of **235**. What did we get in compensation? +5%AP on Rabadon No wonder I used to get around 800 AP before and now I Barely get to 650. EDIT: Also forgot they are removing 15% AP from blue buff. I remember a Rioter using this as an excuse for lowering AP accross the board. What do we have now?

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