MMR interaction for Normal/Draft (basically non-ranked) when in party

Hi, Just a quick question regarding how MMR works. A friend of mine recently started playing League. She's obviously new so I imagine her MMR would reflect that. I've been playing for a while but I'm not terribly good either. I usually get to Silver and remain there contently :) I'm currently summoner level 45. My question is, how does MMR work when I queue for normal games while in party with her? Does it combine ours and average it? Go with whoever's MMR value is higher? I'm asking because in our first normal match, we got pitted against similarly new people. I could tell from their profile that their summoner levels were in their 10s and 20s. But in our second normal match, it was the total opposite. We got matched against people who were at least over 100 summoner level. This one Yasuo was summoner level 238! I'd hate for us to consistently get matched with high level players to the point it would discourage her from playing on. She's determined and all but there's only so many loses and roflstomping one can take before calling it quits. Would it be better if I just create a new account so there's less chance that we would get matched against seasoned players? Thanks for your help!
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