Can the new Aatrox just be a new champion with another skin and lore?

The purpose of a rework is to enhance an old champions kite to play more healthy not completely change the champ altogether. Some may argue that the old Aatrox is bad but at the end of the day the way I see it they are removing a champion from the game and replacing it with a different champ altogether which is not the solution people want. I'm not an Aatrox player however as a 1 trick Zilean I am very passionate about my champ in fact Zilean is the soul reason I play this game and I just feel very bad for the 1 trick or the people that main Aatrox since they legit just have to find another champion similar to Aatrox since the new one doesn't play like the original what so ever. Some of the reworks have been successful such as {{champion:19}} {{champion:39}} but a lot have been disappointments (to the people who mained the original champ such as {{champion:3}} {{champion:6}}) In conclusion I think Riot should emphasize the purpose of reworking to their teams since it appears some teams don't understand the reason/importance of a rework. If one of Riots teams reworked Zilean into a full burst zero utility champ or a healer and flipped his personality upside down I would probably quite the game since it's not the champ I originally loved and cared about. This is why I feel bad for the original Aatrox mains and this is why Riot has to ensure that their rework is ACTUALLY a rework and not something they just think is cool. (This isn't a Riot hate train post this is just my concerns about future reworks and the philosophy of what a rework should be)
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