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Defensive Input Buffering

Offensive Input Buffering

Sometimes our reflexes aren’t fast enough. When Lee Sin dives in to Insec or Alistar goes for your squishy to Headbutt+Pulverize, a difference of two-tenths of a second can make or break an important teamfight.

With input buffering, you can anticipate your opponent’s movements and queue up spells to go off as soon as your target comes in range.

In today’s special double video feature, educational youtuber Bodytags goes over why and how to use input buffering, and then follows it up with how you can add Flash to the mix for a particularly deadly combination.

How have you used anticipation to outplay an opponent? Let us know in the comments below!

Creator Background

Platinum NA ADC main Bodytags has been playing League since Season 3 and making educational content since 2014. A frequent poster in /r/summonerschool, he drew inspiration from educators Shakarez and LastShadow9 to create his own educational YouTube channel. On this channel, players can find detailed breakdowns, new game mechanics, and tips & tricks.

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