I think i accidently quit LoL..

So, Recently I just started playing other games like CringeCraft (minecraft) yea ik im a nerd, but there is a really cool server where its p2w, but at the same time u can get anything in the server that u buy on the shop in game because of envoys and.. ok im just gonna stop.. But ive *stopped* playing league, I havent played in a week, and ive lost all my game skills, basically, im still good at playing my champ, yasuo, however I'm just starting to suck at the game (e.x: csing, map awareness, overextending, etc) and I cant play for shit, and because of these reasons, and this competitive and repetitive system, lets just say it doesnt help me that those facts exist... because coming back, getting camped in mid like usual (yea ik im yasuo) and then feeling like im the cause of losing even tho my team is chill about it anyways. I feel bad for playing now, its repetitive, i get camped, i cant play the game for shit (csing, positioning, map awareness.. etc) and im just bored playing at all.. It has honestly been a fun 10 months... Im sorry it had to end like this, but the crash course started happening to me mentally after Zoe was released.. and the adc meta.. and.. I just keep listing negatives and cant list positives about my CURRENT experience... I'm gonna miss a lot of you, the none toxic ones and the ones that somehow stood positive throughout my last games of feeding.. thank you for those last few people, but until then, goodbye and gl in ur next match :D

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