Can Zed's second shuriken not proc Electrocute please?

Zed has complete freedom to do whatever he wants simply because his second Shuriken can hit an enemy and proc Electrocute. It doesn't matter if you have shields in your kit, barrier, or even zhonyas, with him having no mana costs and being able to constantly spam his combo, you can't do anything against him because of Electrocute. I don't consider this advantage on him balanced at all, especially if Zed is going to build Duskblade first to shred through any armor you build early game. Remove this and Zed will be A LOT more tolerable to play against. EDIT: So I reevaluated peoples comments in this post. There is in fact an inconsistency with Electrocute that Zed somehow gets to dance around. Zed can proc electrocute but: {{champion:103}} W {{champion:245}} Q {{champion:74}} Q (Turrets combined Autos) {{champion:91}} W {{champion:92}} Q (stacked 3 times on enemy) All these champions use spells that do additional damage with additional damage being taken, yet, the spells don't proc electrocute. However, again, Zed gets some sort of freedom to do whatever he wants.
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