Some of these new runes are just... garbage

Specifically, **Overgrowth**: Every 8 minions OR monsters that die near you (1400 range) increase you max health by 0.2% this is so unbelievably bad I can't ever see anyone actually taking it. You get 2% for every 80 minions that die near you, even if you achieve 4,000 health you're only getting an 80 HP bonus (which first of all is nothing compared to 4K HP & if you're going HP in the new system you're going to have a severe lack of armour/MR). Just realistically you're going to have about 3K health, and an extra 5% bonus from this at most, so about +150 HP, which if the game has gone on long enough to get that is utter CRAP compared to the +40/50 AD/AP other champs would get from gathering storm. Lol. **Iron Skin** & **Mirror Shell** just so unbelievably inferior to conditioning, I don't even see why they're there. 5% extra armour/mr when using a pot? What the fuck is 5% going to do early game? (Which is what that's designed for) **Cut down**: Just, why? The damage increase you get is barely anything, esp considering they'll have 2000 more HP than you for you to get the "full effect". Last stand is just SO much better. **Cheap Shot** 12-30 true damage? Every 4 sec and only on impaired movement speed? Just completely useless. It doesn't even have any scaling. You're talking about like 1% of an enemies max health at best with that. May as well get the healing one and restore twice the amount to yourself. **Eyeball Collection** This one I'm borderline with, it gives a decent amount of stats but for how long it takes to stack it up, the amount it gives is just useless for late game. Should give like +10 lethality and 8 magic pen once complete. & Well that's about it for now, other than that, I like the change.
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