Did Riot change ARAM matchmaking system in patch 9.8?

I am a poor Iron player and I'm not good. But I do like play some ARAM games and got overall 1752 wins and 1551 loses. I think it a pretty good win rate. However, things changed since patch 9.8. I lost ~35 of the first 40 ARAM games after patch 9.8. And lost 34 games of the most recent 45 games. Feel free to check my match history. I do not think this win rate is normal and consistent to my overall win rate. I changed nothing in my play style, and more importantly, I CAN easily win ARAM games when playing my other two accounts (all of them are Iron/Bronze). I noticed that when I use this account to play ARAM games, Riot's matchmaking system constantly put Platinum/Diamond players in the enemy team (you can confirm this by searching my account on OP.GG). I know Riot changed ARAM a lot in patch 9.8 and heard some rumors about targeting ARAM-only accounts. I do use this account often and played a lot of ARAM games. Do you think my account could be recognized as one of them? Please let me know if you have some insights, especially how to get my account normal again. Thank you so so much!
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