Things low elo players do that they don't even realize cost them games

Today we have a clip from a game that will hopefully teach lower level players how to use their brains a little more effectively in game so they can stop costing themselves wins. Players in lower elos tend not to even realize that many of the things they do are so mind numbingly braindead that they cost themselves matches just by doing these mind numbingly braindead things. A little set up first: After a smart roam into our red side jg to help our Lee with an invading Graves we secure a kill onto the Graves and steal away his blue buff. The first mistake was the Karma taking this kill at all when Graves was dead to rights with no flash and no way out of a 4v1 collapse. This is braindead move number one. Then, just about 40 seconds from the buff timing out we wind up where the video starts, with bot lane sieging and getting in some chip damage just before an optimal moment to back for our next item purchase, mid lane chilling clearing waves, and top lane applying some pressure knowing that Graves is liable to be top side going for his still up red buff. Here's the clip, and then I'll dissect the play: So we see that Graves is indeed top side and goes for a top lane gank since Aatrox was pushing, and after a bit of good kiting the Aatrox secures the kill on Graves while bot lane is continuing to push to tower to set up for a good back. Ahri meanwhile dies to Gragas under tower. And then the Karma, with blue buff just about to expire, does something inexplicably stupid that would typically out right cost the team the game: she goes UNDER the enemy tower to place a ward in a bush that LITERALLY no one on the enemy team could POSSIBLY approach from given that Graves is dead, we can see GP in top and Gragas just tower dove Ahri and would be coming from our red side jg or the river with very low hp. What the Karma does in this situation is LITERALLY int away a buff and kill the 15 cs lead we have in bot lane (with a kill and an assist to boot) leaving the manaless adc that was JUST about to back after a good push and chip in a long lane with no hope of escape ensuring that she actually inted herself AND her adc while simultaneously transferring blue buff to the opposing adc. This is just straight up trolling, and literal inting and griefing. There are no two ways about that. But it's the type of thing that happens commonly in lower level matches because players are simply playing without their brains turned on. The moral of the story here is that you need to use your brains in game because you wont always have a diamond player to bail you out by power farming for the next 15 minutes to overcome the mistake you made that should cost you the match and hard carry the late game fights. That was a lucky break for the Karma, and for those of you out there reading this you probably won't be so lucky. Use your head in game, don't do silly pointless things that won't matter at all when you have the information already to KNOW that such silly thing wont matter at all except to give the opposing team a game breaking advantage.
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