Rito, Why Do You Hate My Money??

This is a thread devoted to ideas Riot should really do if they want to make more of that sweet, sweet $. Here are three things I desperately want in this game and would happily pay for. Please include the amount of cash you are willing to spend for each idea. 1. Map Skins $40/map This one I'm pretty surprised has not been done. As far as I know the only alternative to the green Summoner's Rift we all know and love is the Winter version of it. But wouldn't it be great to see Shurima, Zaun, The Shadow Isles, Bandle City, and more perhaps with alternative creeps once in a while? This could work by owners of the map skin initiating it and the rest of the players voting on which one they want to play on, if any. Because I understand this would be a huge undertaking, I think $40 worth of RP would be a fair price- one that many players other than I would certainly be willing to pay to play in. 2. Custom Chromas $15/skin Chromas are awesome and all but sometimes I can't get into them because the choices are often nightmares of colors mixed together. It would be so much fun to be able to choose exactly what parts of each skin get what colors and be able to spend hours making stylish figures of my favorite chroma skins. If this ever happens I hope they make it so you can multiple save spots for alternative versions. 3. Un-buying Champs $1/champ I'm a huge ARAM player and really hate how my only option for making my experience better (ruling out regrettable champs I own) is to start a new account. If you can buy a champion why can you not unbuy one??? It would be more fair to unbuy with essence or just for free but I would gladly slap $15 to get rid of Tryndamere, Udyr, Kled, Olaf, Urgot (hate the new one), and some other champs that I dislike playing and wish I never bought. What else you got?
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