How to do I counter riven?

How do I deal with an enemy riven that appears to have seen to many montages and turned into faker when I don't even play top lane? Am I literally at the mercy of my top laner not to feed riven? Lvl 2 power spike. Lvl 6 power spike. first item she spikes yet again. Second item you guessed it and it ain't stopping where is the punish window when she can literally shield her self in 2 second intervals or so. Just HOW? Before you tell me oh hard cc guees what I am in silver nobody picks a proper team comp people only play what they want. So I need actual god dam advice because I cannot stand losing every game to a riven and then she just spams her mastery symbol to flex. Why does she even have a lvl 2 power spike she isn't a lane bully anymore she is considered a late game champ so why does Riot not nerf her early into the ground so you can punish her
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