URF strat.

Okay it's not really a strat but give it a thought okay? Nothing really hard to understand. Just in urf.. Jungle. 1. Why? Your smite comes off cd very quick so very fast clear giving you a lead on level/s. 2. You still also have consistent pressure over map. 3. With certain champs you will always be ahead. 4. Easily secure objectives secretly A.K.A Rift, Dragons, Baron Cons: - Your solo laner POSSIBLY could get easily rekt and feed or even they flame you (Possibly team also flames you and labels you as "trolling/griefing") or have a crap attitude because you're "jungling in urf" which is apparently wrong in a lot of peoples eyes (WTF?) - Your solo laner RQs. - Your solo laner griefs and follows/trolls you around (Or even leaves whatever lane they're at to randomly take camps and refuses to continue to solo lane) I have done this "Strat" with {{champion:30}} especially because rushing to hit level 6 and usually get it when a few laners are still level 4. Haven't quite tried or looked at any other champs in this situation whether it be good or bad. {{champion:20}} Possibly could DEMOLISH in this strat too, haven't had a chance to try. Let me know what you think kindly, thank you for reading.
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