Juggernauts OP or Meh?

On January 16th, 2018, Season 8 will start, and everyone's rank will reset. I didn't really play that much rank for the system to calculate my rank, but I just know it's going to be very bad. The problem is the champions I play in the top lane. In most of my games, which includes non-ranked games, I found out that I succeed the most on juggernauts. When I play other champions who aren't juggernauts, I lose miserably! Juggernauts are champions with a mix of attack, defense, and split push, but they lack mobility and they tend to have a very bad early game unless the jungler ganks top lane early. Now, most of you might be asking, "Why can't I just find a juggernaut that is safe to pick?" But that leads to another problem with juggernauts, they don't have that many good matchups. Sure they go against tanks well, but not all juggernauts can do that. For example, Singed{{champion:27}} proxy farms, Ornn{{champion:516}} can build his items in lane without missing that much cs, and Cho'gath{{champion:31}} counters one of my favorite champions, Urgot{{champion:6}}. I want to find a juggernaut that's a safe bind pick, and I want to know why I do so well on juggernauts. What do you guys think? Sure you guys can say that I'm just trash, but if your New year's resolution is to be less toxic, helping me is a start. Happy New Year everyone! This is a list of juggernauts I already have for top lane, and what I want to get, the ones I want to buy will be bolded: Shyvana{{champion:102}} Nasus{{champion:75}} Urgot{{champion:6}} **Trundle**{{champion:48}} **Yorick**{{champion:83}} This is a list of non-juggernaunts that I do decent on: Jax{{champion:24}} Gangplank{{champion:41}} Fiora{{champion:114}} Nautilus{{champion:111}} If I were to play a juggernaut, who should I ban?
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