Most people know that removing autofill would be silly, but there's a better solution

Instead of removing autofill, which would make queue times unbearable at times, what I think would help the problem and not cause a *detrimental* increase in queue times, would be to allow players to put a role that they DON'T want. For example, I can put primary mid, secondary top, and select Jungle as the role I don't want, and there's no chance that I get that role. I can play bot and support at an acceptable level, but Jungle is a role where if I get it, I will have to get hard carried or insta-lose the game, or dodge. And I know a lot of other players have a similar thing with different roles. Unfortunately this wouldn't help the people who can only play 1-2 roles acceptably, but they could always just remove whatever role they feel worst on at the time. This is by no means a perfect solution, but it's much more reasonable than removing autofill all together, what do you guys think?
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