Rageblade discussion.

Is flat %15 Penetration (from scaling by level to %15 Penetration) really a sufficient compensatory reallocation of power from the Phantom Hit nerf? Rageblade is already an item you want to pick up 3rd or 4th on most champs which is late enough in the game that the penetration difference is minimal and dwindles to nothing, but the item itself has been significantly nerfed. I don't disagree that Phantom hit needed to be nerfed (as Riot say, to shift power away from the high synergy champs with on-hit effects in their kits to a more generic item) but isn't there a way of keeping the overall power of rageblade as well? I hope the balance team will look at Rageblade further because it's an extremely unique and fun item to use, and it doesn't have to be abusable to be that way. How would you tune Rageblade to have the same overall power as 9.9 but have it distributed more evenly across its multiple facets so it became more accessible to more champs without it being oppressive on 3-4? Perhaps if we come up with some good ideas, Meddler and his team will take notice? * More AD/AP? * More %penetration? * A %10 buff to the phantom hit, keeping the "every third" attack proc?
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