League Has Been Ruined - Goodbye

- This is only my opinion. i am not claiming to have full evidence of what I am about to present. I am merely stating what I have been observing - Riot, You've ruined the game. Plain and simple. Your game will continue to dwindle in popularity because of the chimps you have working on the development team. As far as i am concerned, everyone I know is royally pissed off about this stupid meta you have created. Support mains and Adc mains have been hit incredibly hard these past patches. I bring this up because there was one thing holding this game together despite the already known flaws. Structure. Structure kept the game going, fun, and competitive. Champions had lanes and roles. You've completely demolished that. That premise is gone. I am not here to argue numbers with you or anyone. I use to be able to go into a game fully confident of how I was suppose to play. I had my win conditions set. I knew the match ups. None of that knowledge applies anymore with the exception of a few games here and there. No one is trying to prove they are the better Adc or support or whatever. The rule of the game is pick whats OP. That's not fun. Thats not competitive when the game is decided in champion select. The game is in complete chaos. There is no more structure. Anybody can go anywhere as long as their are OP. Skill level doesn't matter near as much as it did. All that matters is the champion you are playing. I'm done with this game competitively. I will play enough ranked games to maintain my D4 status for the rest of the season just to earn what I have played for. You have turned this game into a casual one, so I will play it as so. "Just shut up and play whats OP!" - real quote from a youtuber i wont source. No thanks thats not fun nor competitive. Good luck on your climb gentlemen and ladies.
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