Matchmaking Seems To Be Janky Lately

I've had some very questionable opponents rank wise as of late and I'm not sure why. I've had a wide range of ranks but not even in the same ELO range necessarily that I can see. For example I just had an enemy team Twitch with a 32% win rate in bronze 2 while I just hit gold at about a 53% ish. There were no massive differences as there were a couple of golds on the enemy team and a silver, and a few silvers and golds on our team. Why was there a bronze 2 with a 32% winrate on the enemy? That's clearly not someone with a higher elo climbing and I'm decently over 50% so it isn't as if my elo is lower than my rank. Is matchmaking just doing whatever suddenly? ------------------ Edit: For reference the teams were spread out like this: Mine - Gold 4 - Gold 4 - Gold 4 - Silver 1 - Silver 2 Theirs - Gold 4 - Gold 4 - Golf 4 - Silver 4 - Bronze 2 Also it looks like he is at a 27% winrate not a 32% winrate. This guy has terrible mmr from what I see but he is being put into silver 1 and gold 4 elo games and getting hard stomped in them.
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