Can Quinn not commit a drive-by at mach 1000

She is too fast to be able allowed to 3 shot any champion in the game. {{item:3147}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3117}} = 800+ movement speed when in ult on a near permanent bases. With cloud dragons and maybe some movement speed buffing items it can be over 1000. And yet with all that she can 3 shot anyone it seems. (R)EQ combo with TLD kills almost always. And if not, it is just followed by an extra auto to finish you off. Normally she would be somewhat OK with that damage since everyone could see her coming or have a chance to counter play her engage with hard CC, but the fact that she can be anywhere at any time is the issue and then suddenly AOE blind you, stopping any counter-play by you and anyone else close enough to be blinded, and 3 shot you. She is top 2 for win rate in 3 separate roles (TOP, JG, and MID) all above 54% too. How about you make her ult function like {{champion:136}} where any slows also stop the ult's speed (but not cancel the ult per say, just slows it down).
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