The weakest tank in all of League

It pains me to say, because I love him a bunch, but it's Nautilus. When you compare Naut to every other tank that the game can usually throw at us, and I mean champions who are meant to be tanks, aka not Yasuo, Fizz, Ekko, he is the weakest. Compare to the other pure tanks in the top. None, all of these are not the actual reasons why all these tanks are better then Nautilus, but to me are the reason why he fails in comparison to them. As well as tanks are not even the best right now in the top lane. {{champion:57}} vs {{champion:111}} - Better form of sustain, more impactful CC, and better team fighting capabilities. {{champion:516}} vs {{champion:111}} - Better CC with passive, can assit teams with Masterwork items, better team fighting capabilities. {{champion:14}} vs {{champion:111}} - Constant stacking health, natural armor shred, %HP AOE damage, large AOE knockup {{champion:54}} vs {{champion:111}} - Ult, armor out the ass, _Ult_, Attack Speed hindrance, **_ULT_** {{champion:31}} vs {{champion:111}} - Has a Silence, the dreaded Stoneplate combo, %HP damage {{champion:3}} vs {{champion:111}} - MR out the ass, %damage reduction, %damage reduction on ally, huge ass AOE knockup, AOE taunt {{champion:78}} vs {{champion:111}} - Passive increase to armor and MR, %HP damage, prevents mobility, removes the peel, dash to target/stun {{champion:98}} vs {{champion:111}} - Taunt, massive shield to ally, can instantly get to the botlane without teleport, avoids autos. Granted I will say Naut has some pretty good stuff along with him, having in my opinion one of the longest CC chains, being Q -> AA -> E -> R. And if you anything to say to all of this, constructive criticism is probably one of the best things that can be added to a discussion.
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