I literally don't know what to play anymore.

The game is so awful right now, I wanna play it, but all it brings me is anger and depression. Games are decided in 10 mins, you can come back if someone fucks up colossally, meaning only if someone is being an idiot. Everyone has 15 dashes and abilities to counter your engage. You die in 1 second from everyone. I just don't know what to play anymore. My highest mastery champs are : Wukong, Soraka, Vladimir, Volibear, Udyr. -Can't play Wukong top lane because: {{champion:516}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:24}} , etc. You can do what you want in lane but they'll keep building tank or semi tank and they will always outscale you. -Can't play Soraka because I'm sooooo tired of healing someone that doesn't know what he's doing and we lose the game anyway. -I could play Vladimir only I guess here. -Don't even have to say anything for Volibear. -Udyr gets fucked by kiting and I can't do anything. If I splitpush my whole team dies. I try to gank when people push the lanes, when wards die etc. Then I see Kayn running through walls ganking everything anyway. I mean ok, fuck me for playing Udyr, right... I'm at a loss here. I was never a meta whore and I will never be, but these games are killing me little by little. Idk what to do anymore. I gank top, bot gets doubled. I gank bot, top gets killed over and over. I wanna gank mid, but there's a Xerath farming from his nexus and if you get close, you get stunned/slowed. I'm just so sad right now, am I really being forced into playing champions with 69 dashes and passives to be useful ? I don't even wanna say anything about the diamond 5 hell hole, everyone knows it, but Riot chooses to ignore it for years.

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