Here we are again

2 seasons later adc is once again the most miserable role in the game. nothing you do will matter in the end. You're 11/3? too bad buddy, irelia is 3/4 coming at you with enough resistances and hp to tank 3 people at once and enough damage to kill you in two abilities. You doing poorly in lane and starting to bring it back by playing safe? the enemy mid and jg would like to have a word with you. its to the point that playing support is more fun than playing adc. especially when half the time your sup is going to be autofilled soft-trolling you with a wannabe carry support like lux. Your job as adc isnt actually to do damage, since you don't do any in comparison to other champs until the game is literally decided, but to try to survive all the incoming attempts to one-shot you, an off-tank of sorts.

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