What is the scenario for a proper Cull's usage in the post 8.23 League?

Cull was introduced back in preseason of season 6 alongside the rework of a bunch of consumable and starting items to give more options to certain kind of ADCs that would favor farming early on over fighting, but this item never found success because has basically never deemed worth the hassle of surviving after the first levels where Doran Blade start to outscale and synergize with the other items or being considered a worse option to play/regen safely in lane than Doran Shield, because it take too much time to get a measly amount of gold as reward - and you risk to lose way more than what you earn if you get pushed back because of the disadvantage in power against Dblade/shield Now that there has been a big change in the amount of gold eventually available in the early game through the changes done to turrets, and aggression in lane phase is encouraged in the race to get the turret gold before plating falls off, does Cull still serve a purpose in the current landscape? And if the answer is yes, what should be done to improve its viability? There are multiple options possible available to choose in theory (obviously you can choose only one or a combination of solutions, not every one together) : - Increase the amount of gold given for any minion killed (+2 gold instead of +1) - Reduce the number of minions to kill to get the payout (50-75 instead of 100) - Increase the stacks given by a cannon minion kill (2-3 stacks for cannon minion killed instead of 1) - Increase the final payout after killng the required number of minions (+400-450 instead of +300) - Increase its base stats so Cull doesn't get outscaled so early by DBlade/Shield (8 atk dmg-5 health on hit instead of 7 atk dmg- 3 health on hit) What do you think Riot should do with Cull next?
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