Riot: Ranked Dodge punishment is far too high for current client

In the world of Adobe Air, where the client crashes more often than any Q/A team could be happy with, the punishment for "dodging" is too high. Losing LP and sitting on ice for prolonged time because the league client crashed during champion select (which in my premade of 4 happened some 4 times in the 3 games we tried to get in tonight) is the worst feeling as a player. This needs a solution. So Riot ought introduce one of the following 1) We need to recognize dodging queue is sometimes necessary, or forced: and give a free dodge per day without punishment, This is appealing not just due to client stability issues, but also empowers the community to not need play with the all to common troll that is so often seen below diamond tier, which players have clambered for. 2) Introduce into the new alpha client (and depending on release ideally the current client) a mechanism than can differentiate between a willful dodge and a client crash. I am not a programmer and understand this may not be technically possible, but if it is it seems the BEST solution to satisfy the problem while keeping current philosophies around punishment for dodging consistent. or we need find another solution. What isn't debatable is A) The Client is currently far too crash prone, B) Ranked experience is being negatively effected by such stability issues, and therefore C) Action ought be taken by Riot. I sincerely hope a Rioter can respond to these concerns, Sincerely A summoner who is sitting out a 30 min ranked ban due to two client crashes in 24 hours XD
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