new skin for grangas idea: gorilla trainer grangas

i am klaas i have a great skin idea for sumoners rifts most favortie drinking buddy hes names of coruse: grangas as we all know. the rabbel rouser. it is a new skin like like dragon trainer skin line but called: gorilla trainer. tristana holds a baby dragon. gorilla trainer grangas holds a baby gorilla instead of wine casket. grangas self doesnt have to look very different. u can turn him into tarzan mayby. Q: grangas throws his baby gorilla. baby gets angry and angry and more red and screams until he explode: bananas fly out of him and funny sound. W: grangas has no casket to drink from. so he takes baby gorilla and drinks his spit and gets W buff. can make it yellow or some thing. banana buff cus gorilla E: grangas slides off a banana peel and does his dash R: kinda like Q. its not much different in other skins anyway. i hope u like my skin idea im sure the community will love it very well

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