The mind of the Riot balance team: DAMAGE DAMAGE DAMAGE! WE NEED MORE DAMAGE!

{{champion:142}} Is a problem, know what'll fix her? +1 second CD on her Q! Her damage is fiiiiiiiine... {{champion:202}} Dealt a little bit less damage than we'd hoped for with new runes, so you know what? MORE DAMAGE! {{champion:236}} Isn't doing as well as other ADCs, so instead of nerfing THOSE lets give him MORE DAMAGE! {{champion:11}} You guessed it MORE DAMAGE! He really needs it, the game needs it. {{champion:23}} Been awhile since we touched this guy, know what he needs to give that Crit cheese more oomph? MORE DAMAGE! {{champion:268}} You know those minions this guy can obliterate with his AOE soldier autos? Well uh... h-he draws aggro from them now? So glad we just increased the damage in this game while doing nothing to actually handle what's already here: {{champion:55}} 40 less damage at max level {{champion:96}} 2% less Max HP damage, {{item:3124}} finally manageable /s/s/s/s/s
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