New Materies ideas for our support friends.

This time I want to propose less [radical]( changes to support gameplay in form of two new masteries for our poor friends: _________________ Tier 1 Resolve Tree > Wards of Wisdom > Every time you place or kill a ward you are granted small amount of EXP (placing wards at your base give no exp). > This amount is increased based on diffrence between average lvl of your team and your lvl. > Ranks 1-5 increases amount of EXP. Some notes: Point of this mastery is to reward playeres (not only supports) for warding and "dewarding". It's bad for solo laners and i'm ok with that. It's placed in tier 1 of Resolve tree so it can be easily picked up by almost everyone who is not fully dmg oriented. I'm ok with other roles picking it up because it can finally encourage them to participate in vision war and thats a wet dream of every support main xD. _____________________ Tier 6(last) Resolve Tree > Warding Bi... i mean "Tactical Visioner" > Increases maximum amount of charges on your sightstone items by 2 and increases all ward duration by 30s. > Also alows you to place up to 4 (5 after 12 lvl) stealth wards on map. > (Optional, not sure in not overloaded) Killing your ward allows your team to see it's area for 5s after it's destruction. Notes: The reason I placed it into Resolve Tree is to lower possible abuse by dmg orinted champs in pro play. For utility supports it really not big deal if they are 0/18/12 or 0/12/18 in masteries. Im ok with utility junglers and some tanks picking it up. The only problems i see with this are that it can become a mandatory pick for every support and {{champion:64}} because he is Lee Sin and he can pick masteries from every tree an be K (I'm sure he see no problem at all in this). _________________ So thats it. Thanks for reading, leave some thoughts and see you :D.
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