Certain Mages feel utterly horrible to play in Mid Lane

I think changes are good, I think the Keystone Runes are interesting, but I don't like the idea nor the concept behind them and definitely don't see why Riot absolutely had to reforge the masteries to keep things fresh in the game. There's practically nothing in the Keystone Sorcery tree that is worth taking. Comet does not land unless you have CC, Phase Rush is useless unless you're super kite centric, Summon Aerie deals horrible damage and weak scaling. Meanwhile, Electrocute deals hefty amounts of damage but favors Assassins more so than mages unless you're a "burst" mage. Any other mages i.e.: Control, Poke, Battle that pick Electrocute lack killing potential or do not burst fast enough to be threatening. On the other hand, you have {{champion:238}} {{champion:107}} & {{champion:141}} 100-0 ing you almost every game very very easily. I simply do not understand how the new system diversifies gameplay because everything is damage and mages want a bit of everything to function decently in lane. You want mana regen to poke, you want penetration/burst for damage, you want movespeed to roam/dodge/gank better. The old masteries provided all without breaking them, except Thunderlord's Decree with its 3 spell hit interaction. Sure, some of you will argue you have Perfect Timing to deter Assassins to jump on you, but you sacrifice so much by taking Inspiration on a mid lane mage. There's no reason to pick Battle Mages right now despite their flexible kits because the new system favors particular classes. Domination rewards all out damage and Sorcery rewards poke. Mages that are not majorly burst/poke based are stuck in a tough spot. I know Preseasons is out not long ago, but since its reveal in March, I never had a good impression of the system. The new systems requires too much knowledge scrunching, and offers everything in the form of damage, when half of it could be allocated to penetration, regens, item cooldowns (on Sorcery) or say new mechanics like amplified damage towards shield.
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