Why did I all the sudden see people complaining about over-sexualized characters

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I've been seeing this more often lately. Even hashinshin made a video about it. Let me get something straight. If you are complaining about them being thin, they are thin for the same reason the guys are buff. They are all warriors. Also illaoi is different where she is buff af for a woman. Also women body builders look freaky. If they re timed, fine but actual bodybuilders look like men. Gee I didn't know east Germany was still doing anabolic steroid and I didn't know they still existed. Not complaining about ilaoi though. We also ahve chareters like Eve who is a succubus or arhi who is based around charming men to feed on their essence to become human. Then there are some who don't get allot of food like sivir since she lives in the desert and mf is a sailor and has to ration food for the crew. Sure her tits are oversized for how thin she is but still. Did antia sarkisean turn people in lol into femanazis. Why is this all of the sudden happening when it's been going on for years without anyone batting an eye at it.
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