Riot give us more options with RR

Meta is off the charts lately because of how much Runes Reforged pushes players into a certain strategy. WELL WHAT IF I TOLD YOU I HAVE AN IDEA? 1. Choose Resolve as tree #1. Well choose it again as tree #2 and add in only one more small rune. No double dipping... And did I forget to mention that the base stats would go from getting 270hp you instead get 150% of that. So 405hp. This would go for ALL trees(Except for inspiration). Want to double down on precision? Get +26% AS instead of 18%. 2. Forfeit the inherit stats and choosing a second tree. Instead choose a second keystone! Grasp of the undying + Aftershock??? Don't forget again no second tree and no 270hp. Also know you cant have two keystones from different trees. Same tree or BUST. Riot give us MORE options. That will open up a ton more possibilities when it comes to figuring out what we like and what we do not.
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